About Us

New Jersey Born, Bred, Educated; Ecology-Lawn knows this place as “home” and cares deeply for the environment.


Our Scriptural model is found in Mark 8: 1-8

ECOLOGY LAWN was founded to provide people in our New Jersey area with employment in which a set of trade and spiritual skills can be attained. These skills would be performed within the green industry and then formed into a viable and successful small business. This business and the counsel within provides spiritual knowledge and monetary means to support a more positive and productive life. A life in which they can invest in other lives, as well. We work with international companies & ministries throughout the US and in Europe.

As lives are transformed, people will experience unique opportunities to work collectively with others to create a corporate missional ministry. This will allow the Kingdom of God to expand greatly into places of need. The light of the “Good News” Gospel will redeem lives in increasing numbers.


Mark Gerritsen is a New Jersey native who was raised in Middletown.

He was a defensive end for the Middletown North Lions, Shore Conference Class A champions, from 1981 through 1983.

Mark played football for – and graduated from – Rutgers University with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Planning and Design.