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Providing organic products for the health and beauty of New Jersey’s lawns.


The DELUXE PROGRAM includes 3 applications each year to your turf and/or shrub areas.

Our proprietary, 100% organic, macro-nutrient package will feed your plants with a daily balanced nutritional supplement. A hormone package is also included in ECO-EDGE, which helps the plant increase its own natural defenses to disease and pests through bio-stimulation. The micro-nutrients which are necessary for plant development are included.

ECO-EDGE is highly soluble and compatible with many sprays. This liquid application treats the plant at the leaf tissue area, while our granular products treat the root structure.

ECO-EDGE delivers its nutrients from a variety of organic sources. This allows Ecology-Lawn flexibility in applying this product during the year. Flexibility in terms of safety, as well as application times, drought, and good ecological practice.

We developed this product and we’re excited about what it can accomplish for your plants and your landscape!



The DELUXE PROGRAM includes 3 yearly applications to your turf and/or shrub areas.

ECO-GREEN provides two types of slow release fertilizer engineered to increase plant nutrient uptake efficiency, while promoting uniform growth. ECO-GREEN is unlike other granular based fertilizers. It contains both nitrogen and potassium to enhance root growth and increase stress tolerance.

ECO-GREEN is a bio activator, increasing microbial activity and replenishing the soil. Our scientists have combined biologically-active organics and unique extracts with new time-release fertilizer technology to enhance the nutrient absorption.

ECO-GREEN is applied in granular form to the top soil layer in turf grass and shrub beds. These 3 yearlyapplications will ensure nutrients for turf grass and shrubs and provide food for soil microbial populations.



The DELUXE PROGRAM includes preventative applications and control applications throughout the year. Our products balance effectiveness with environmental safety. We’re certified and licensed for pest management but only use these products with extreme caution and care, choosing instead to help your lawn and shrubs battle with a healthy soil and immune system. However, sometimes the plants need assistance.

May-June/October: With our own product, ECO-500, we will spot treat your lawn for weeds at the same time we apply our liquid ECO-EDGE. The ECO-GUARD program will ALWAYS be a spot-treatment solution for weeds. Unlike chemical weed companies, we never spray your whole yard with weed control herbicides.

June/August: In June we will apply a granular pesticide called Talstar. We plan to treat insects such as Chinch bug that feed on the surface leaf tissue of the grass plant. In August we will treat your turf for root feeding insects such as grubs and mole crickets. We will apply a granular control called Dilox, which drives deep into the soil to eliminate these pests.

May/August: ORGANICIDE: A combination of sesame seed oil and fish emulsion, ORGANICIDE is 100% organic. The product will eliminate most insects that feed on your shrubs and trees. It also controls mold and fungus. Organicide will be included in your shrub and tree fertilizer applications three times a year.

CONTROL PROGRAM: (Control Pest Management) No pesticides will be used unless an insect infestation is detected by our Landscape Specialists during the year. You will be notified of the cost on an AS NEEDED BASIS.

Watch our video that explains all of the solutions at Ecology Lawn for your safe, organic, healthy lawn.

Watch our video that explains all of the solutions at Ecology Lawn for your safe, organic, healthy lawn.