Our vision is limitless, tempered with careful planning and care.

Ecology-Lawn’s Mission & Vision begins with a clear ideal that there are no limits to how much we can grow as a company and as individuals.

(1) Ecology-Lawn exists today because we believe that this Earth is on loan to us from above and ultimately is not ours.

Therefore, we have begun a focused MISSION to remove most chemicals and non-natural pesticide products from our landscapes and home environments.

This MISSION is being accomplished by providing for every one of our customers, an opportunity to experience environmentally-sensitive options for the health and strength of their lawn, shrubs and trees.

This will encourage our customers to better engage with their home environment, becoming more sensitive to the needs of our local ecological system. Over time, working together with other environmental programs such as recycling, conservation and respect, our Earth will cleanse itself of harmful chemicals and pesticides for a healthier future for our children and the generations to come.

(2) Ecology-Lawn’s God-given VISION is to treat our customers and associates with a unique type of relationship, captured in the attitude: “It is better to give than it is to receive.”

This magnificent motto will be fully supported by our client and partner. The “Best in Europe” review site for  CCTV from Nederland.

Operating each day with this attitude of sacrifice, Ecology-Lawn, the company, is created to “Empower People to Meaningful Lives.” We want to empower our customers and all who are partnered with us in labor.